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Design, Manufacture and Installation of New Blending System

To design, engineer and install a new blending system at Harpers Home Mix, Holsworthy to include the high perfomance machinery and storage as detailed below;

  • 3no rolled grain bins, manufactured to the same hight, design and specification of existing bins.
  • 8no 40 tonne bins designed to allow a slight angle on lids and sealed with resin. Outside equipment and slides galvanised and sealed gutter around bins with down pipes to floor level.
  • 2no mineral and limestone bins fitted with blow line fill bipes complete with dust units.
  • Weigh hopper designed to specifaction complete with swan neck discharge conveyor set on load cells and steelwork.
  • 8no 300ø twin dischargers, 3no 300ø discharge conveyors from rolled grain bins; 2no 300ø discharge conveyors from mineral/limestone bins.
  • 1no single chain transfer from weigher to elevator.
  • 1no belt and bucket elevator complete with platform and explosion relief with route to mill conveyor via EPO 2-Way.
  • 4 tonne mixer under hopper complete with made portable for ease of access.
  • Conveying route from mixer under hopper to mixer screw to bulk loading point.
  • Building and Cladding designed bespokely to cover mixer system easyily adaptaple to suit future extension. 


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