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Design, Manufacture and Installation of New Meal Line System

This project was deigned specifically for our client Crediton Milling Company, Crediton. This hi-tech system includes the following machinery and designed bespokely to suit our clients requirements;

  • 16no 300ø discharge conveyors at a discharge rate of 50 TPH. Fit outlet spouts complete with hand slides to each bin cone. A special outlet and discharger complete with EPO slide will be used on required bins to enable quicker filling of weigher.

  • 2 tonne weigh hopper complete with load cells and test weight frame. Weigher to have single chain conveyor discharge rated at 50 TPH with flexi outlet spout to elevator, 1no access door to be fitted to weigh hopper. Weigh hopper constructed of bolt together panels.

  • 1no belt and bucket elevator to discharge weigher complete with head access platform, explosion relief panels rated at 50 TPH.

  • 1no single chain conveyor  from elevator to new grinder top holding bin complete with magnet on either inlet or outlet chute.

  • 1no new grinder house extension to house new grinder Christy 960.

  • All the upper cladding and roof to have composite acoustic sheet applied, lower part of grinder house to be block work.

  • Access door to grinder house at floor level and overhead lifting beam to be installed.

  • Grinder house to have 1no dust unit rated at 6300 cubic meter per hour, explosion relief panel, silencer on exhaust air ducting to under hopper.

  • 1no under hopper complete with 300ø screw discharge, access panel, flexi inlet from grinder, inlet from dust unit, 1no vibratory feeder, 1no 2.5 tonne holding bin complete with high and low level probes, 1 set flooring above grinder for dust unit access.

  • 1 no 300ø galvanized transfer conveyor from grinder discharge to elevator 30 TPH.

  • 1no Galvanized elevator complete with head access platform with access from mill.

  • 1no 300ø galvanized transfer conveyor from elevator to expansion screw above mixer top hopper.

  • 1no stainless steel add point located in rear of existing tip point building complete with stainless steel superflow conveyor to elevator. Ducting from tip point to existing dust unit.

  • 1no EPO 2way and chain + flight conveyor to press bin. 

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